About Us

PLN History

Philanthropy Leadership Network (PLN), founded in 2010 by the members of the Southern African Community Grantmakers Leadership Cooperative – SACGLC – a project started in 2005 by Synergos and Inyathelo-Southern African Institute for Advancement. It brings together leaders of community Grantmakers organisations in a knowledge-sharing and peer-learning partnership to strengthen social justice philanthropy in Southern Africa. The PLN aims to enhance the growth and sustainability of the independent development funding sector in the region by developing the knowledge and capacity of leadership personnel, with a special focus on sustainability and governance issues.

PLN address the issues facing community Grantmakers organisations as they seek to become sustainable; outlines our strategy for continuing support to the leadership of the community grantmaking sector; and how we can advocate for support to local Grantmakers to build their capacity.

The purpose of the PLN is to support the growth and sustainability of the independent, indigenous development funding sector in the region in order to maximise their social impact and benefit to the communities they serve.